Branding / Design


A commercial real estate company with 25 years of brand equity in the Vancouver marketplace was acquired by Fortune 500 property company JLL. I was brought on board to oversee the transition of the marketing department and develop a new marketing plan for the acquired company moving forward with JLL.


Working closely with the team at the acquired company and the marketing team at JLL, I first gathered information on the existing practices of the acquired company and the brand standards at JLL. I created a communications plan to inform long-time clients of the acquired company that they had merged into JLL while maintaining the same dedicated team.

I then worked through a visual rebrand of all marketing collateral to JLL brand standards in order to provide ongoing support for the sales team during the acquisition. After the rebrand was complete, I created a marketing plan to fit within the marketing budget allocated to the team, and executed on the plan once I had full team buy-in. I also planned, designed, and managed vendors and budget in the creation of a new website for the acquired company under the JLL brand.

Furthermore, considering that JLL is relatively new to the Vancouver marketplace, I worked with the marketing executives at the JLL Vancouver office to unify existing collateral and messaging for the local marketplace in order to strengthen JLL’s brand presence in Vancouver.